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Brot mit Marmelade

Taidenäyttely Ylivieskan Akustiikan näyttelysalissa 1.4.-28.4.2023

Art Exhibition at Akustiikka exhibition hall, Ylivieska


All of us have the right and the duty to communicate. In the multicultural and multiligual world of today, people from different cultural and linguistic back­grounds encounter daily. Communication between people of the modern world is multifaceted because of its highly individual character. In order to communicate in a way that fosters understanding, wellbeing and equality it is important that we all increase our communicational knowledge. When two or more persons meet, the communication builds on their individual cultural and lingual back­grounds. Here, communicational knowledge and open-mindedness are of great importance in order to achieve a positive outcome which means understanding and well-being on both sides.
In this multilingual and digital publication, we have chosen to focus on communi­cation from three perspectives: linguistic accessibility, interpreting and commu­nication skills. The articles are written in Finnish, Swedish or English.
We hope that this publication can pass on some of our observations related to linguistic accessibility, interpreting and communication skills in a multicultural and multilingual environment.
Kirjani Himbeermarmeladenduft on ilmestynyt 28.7.2022. Kustantaja on saksalainen Thiele Verlag. 

Kirja sisältää 75 pientä tarinaa, Juttujen yhteinen teema on elämän merkityksellisyys, joka voi näyttäytyä tekoina, sanoina, muistoina, ajatuksina, hetkinä tai tapahtumina. Olen kirjoittanut kirjan saksaksi ja myös kuvittanut sen. 
Lue lisää tästä

My book Himbeermarmeladenduft was published 28th July 2022 by Thiele Publishing. The book includes 75 little stories and their common theme is the meaning of little things for our well-being and joy of life. Little things can be e.g. words, actions, moments or thoughts. I have written the book in German and illustrated it as well. More information about the book can be read here.  

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